Dec 18, 2021

Mindful Care Launches Modern Substance Use Recovery Counseling Program

Mindful Care is pleased to announce the launch of Mindful Recovery, a substance-use counseling program designed to help individuals at any stage of recovery achieve their goals.

Available nationwide, Mindful Recovery is an innovative service focused on helping patients with various substance use disorders. The program includes a free initial consultation with a recovery counselor, including a physician-approved recovery plan.

Patients receive weekly check-in calls and texting support with a personal recovery counselor who will help them throughout the process. This also includes medication management as well as access to MindFit Group Therapy and individual MicroTherapy sessions.

“The tenants of the program are based on harm reduction, meaning patients might still be actively using, rather than abstaining, and all individuals are welcome – no matter where they are on their journey to recovery.”

– Mindful Care CEO Dr. Tamir Aldad

The company, which recently closed a $2.7 million oversubscribed Series A funding round to expand its services, has hired a team of specialists to support the new program, including a new VP of Clinical Care, Clinical Director of Psychiatric Services, and dedicated Recovery Counselor.

Double board-certified in addiction psychiatry and adult psychiatry, Dr. Hammad Mohsin joins Mindful Care in the position of VP of Clinical Care. His practice focuses on comprehensive management of patients with different psychiatric conditions involving medications management combined with different forms of psychotherapy to meet the various needs of patients.

“Being an Addiction Psychiatrist who has been serving this patient population for last many years I understand the importance of incorporating recovery-focused treatment along with mental health treatment. Recovery from substance use is a life-long process with no two paths alike, but I also believe anyone with a desire for sobriety has a full chance to attain recovery,” said Dr. Mohsin. “Changing any behavior takes time, but can be achieved and mastered perfectly over time. I believe in a facilitative, non-confrontational, non-judgmental, and collaborative style of patient care. I understand that the path of recovery is filled with challenges and complexities but with different evidence-based care modalities many of those challenges can be addressed.”

At Mindful, the mission with the launch of Mindful Recovery is to transform lives of people impacted with mental illness and addiction, Dr. Mohsin said. “Our vision is to provide immediate access to high quality individualized evidence-based care to patients with mental illness and addiction,” he added. “We believe in collaborative patient care to facilitate the complex yet achievable path towards recovery. When I see my patient towards that path of success that is the most fulfilling experience for me.”

Kyle Vatalaro, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has worked in mental health and addiction treatment for more than 15 years and noted she is excited to be a part of the Mindful Care vision – expanding access to mental health services for individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds – as the Clinical Director of Psychiatric Services. In her new role she will draw on her leadership experience in both clinical and social service settings to support Mindful’s providers.

Paige Santorello is a Certified Alcohol and Substance Use Counselor and is furthering her education focusing on Addiction Psychology. “I'm joining Mindful Care as a Recovery Counselor where I will draw on my experience in both Inpatient and Outpatient settings,” she said. “My goal with Mindful Recovery is to make the road to recovery a little less scary and perhaps even a little fun for clients. I put a big emphasis on authenticity, positivity, and safety, which shines through in my working with clients and creating a safe space for all.”

“COVID has upended mental health and I don’t think we have seen the full effects of it yet. There was a spike in substance abuse, many relapses, and overdoses. People that had mental illness that was in remission and controlled saw their symptoms worsen or return during the pandemic – especially if they were in isolation or lost loved ones,” added Dr. Aldad.

According to a Centers for Disease Control survey, 38% of respondents reported symptoms of anxiety or depression from April 2020 through Feb. 2021 – up from about 11% in 2019. Additionally, emergency department visits for overdoses and suicide attempts from mid-March to mid-Oct. 2020 were up 36% and 26%, respectively, from 2019. Many behavioral health service providers also reported increasing demand and decreasing staff sizes.

“We are seeing a whole new group of people struggling with addiction who never struggled before. COVID has changed the way many of us go about our daily lives and as a result of that people who never abused alcohol or other substances are now struggling in active addiction. Although we are in the midst of a pandemic the opioid epidemic has continued to take many lives,” said Jacquelyn Gilde, who recently joined Mindful Care recently as the new Clinical Director, drawing on her history of working in the hospital and healthcare industry.

“Having support and someone to hold you accountable is crucial in recovery,” she added. “Being able to connect with a trained professional daily during your times of need while utilizing therapy and psychiatric services is critically important."

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